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United Health Care Jobs

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United Health Care is part of the UnitedHealth Group, which is the United States' biggest single health carrier. The companies under United Health Care provide health care services and products to roughly seventy million individuals in the United States. The nationwide network is composed of approximately 560,000 doctors, 4,800 hospital and 80,000 dentists. If you are looking to work for United Health Care, there are a lot of different medical careers to choose from.


The United Health Care employee values are based on the concepts of pride, passion and preeminence. The company aims to employ people who have a passion and sense of commitment to providing excellent health care for everybody. The company states that it seeks dedicated individuals who want to make differences in peoples' lives.

Nursing Careers

There are many different nursing careers available at United Health Care. There are positions for psychiatric nurses, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses, licensed vocational nurses, registered nurses, occupational therapists, and more. United Health Care has nursing careers available all over the United States.

Customer Service Careers

There are a lot of customer care and customer service careers within United Health Care as well. After approximately nine months to a year of working in customer claims at United Health Care, people usually get the option to telecommute (work from the comfort of their own homes). This happens if a person meets attendance and performance requirements. If you work from home, you will be provided broadband Internet connection and all the equipment you need to do your job from home.

Actuarial Careers

United Health Care also has a lot of career opportunities for actuaries. The United Health Care actuary position is described as being fast moving and challenging, and United Health Care seeks to hire the best and the brightest actuaries in the industry. United Health Care actuaries perform trend analysis from the biggest health care proprietary database in the United States.


Other career options at United Health Care include jobs in administrative support, technology, pharmaceuticals, health service operations, business operations, marketing and sales and much more.