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Jobs in Cosmetics

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Some people enjoy making themselves and others look attractive and investing energy in their appearance. They analyze their outfits, keep their nails manicured and compare various cosmetic products on the market. As these individuals develop their expertise in cosmetics, they might also consider working in the cosmetics industry. By pursuing a career in cosmetics, they are able to monetize their love of physical beauty.

One-on-One With Customers

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Beauty advisers work in department stores and interact directly with customers. They report to either a department manager or a store manager. They spend their days maintaining the display counter, providing customers with samples, recommending specific products for customers and closing the sale. Beauty advisers spend their days standing on their feet, often work nights or weekends and are required to dress professionally. They tend to work longer hours during the holiday season due to the increase in holiday shoppers. Beauty advisers require no specific education, but retail experience, a friendly personality and an ability to apply cosmetics provide a good foundation for this career. Beauty adviser salaries range from minimum wage to nearly $30 per hour. This hourly wage consists of both a base rate and a sales commission.

Playing With Chemicals

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For the individual interested in both science and cosmetics, a job as a formulation chemist provides opportunities to combine these two fascinations. A formulation chemist works with colleagues to develop new products for consumers. He collaborates with coworkers to brainstorm new product ideas and then works in the lab to create those products. He maintains the cleanliness and organization of the lab to meet company and FDA requirements. He also works with various suppliers to find alternate ingredients to use in current products. A career as a formulation chemist requires a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, natural science or cosmetic science. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a formulation chemist is $47,500.

Party Time

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For the entrepreneurial-minded cosmetics lover, direct sales offer the ability to control the direction of the business while working directly with consumers. Direct sales consultants meet with consumers at home parties. They often provide the consumers with a makeover or a facial treatment. They offer product samples and give a presentation on the benefits of using their products. Many times, they give away door prizes. A job as a direct sales consultant provides the individual with a great deal of flexibility because they are in control of their schedule. Glassdoor reports an average income of $50,000. However, there is a lot of variation depending on the amount of time the consultant invests in the business.

Playing Dress Up

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A makeup artist works with clients to apply their makeup. Some makeup artists work in the entertainment industry, serving actors being filmed or actors performing onstage. They need to know which cosmetic products hold up best under stage lighting and how to create the right appearance for the camera or audience. Other makeup artists work in local salons applying makeup for wedding parties or local fashion shows. These makeup artists communicate with their clients to understand the type of look the client desires. Makeup artists learn their trade by attending cosmetology school and through experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, makeup artists earn an average annual wage of $66,330.

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