Top 10 Best Paying Careers

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With the economy on a downturn and the cost of living on the rise, people may start seeking jobs that offer them more money. Across the United States, there are jobs that pay its employees big bucks, and most of these professions don't fall into the entertainment industry with its multi-millon dollar movie stars. The majority of the top paying careers in the United States require experience, training and often advanced degrees. Read on to find out more about the top ten best paying careers.


According to, the top ten highest paying jobs in the U.S. are Surgeons, CEOs (in general), engineering managers, airline pilots, dentists, lawyers, air traffic controllers, computer and information systems managers, marketing managers and natural science managers, respectively. Surgeons, whose profession ranked at number one averaged $181,850 in yearly salaries, while natural science managers who ranked number ten averaged $97, 560 a year.


While these jobs earn the highest average salaries in the United States, it takes years of training, experience and often advanced degrees to snag one of these careers. For example, computer and information systems managers (#8 on the list) often have trained for four to eight years before they take on the position, and have a four-year degree in computer science, computer engineering or mathematics at the very least, according to


Having an MBA, Masters of Business Administration, is a great benefit when trying to secure one of these high paying positions. The majority of the high paying jobs on's highest paying jobs list, either require it or recommend it. People who hold MBAs also tend to be payed higher salaries, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics.

Expert Insight

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the top ten highest paying careers are surgeons, anethesiologists, OB/GYNs, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, internists, prosthodontists, psychiatrists, Chief Executive Officers, and engineering managers. In terms of this list, those who wish to make the big bucks, should pursue careers in medicine. Medical professions like OB/GYN, orthodontists, and psychiatrists made $174,610 and $153,240, and $151,380 a year respectively.


While pursuing a career in the medical field can be the most lucrative, it can also be the most costly according to Medical school is expensive, and more than 80 percent of medical students graduate with debt. This is also true for people who pursue careers in law and business, which ranked in the top 25 high-paying careers in the United States.