How Much Do Marketers Make?

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

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Careers in marketing span a variety of industries, from advertising to media to public relations. Whichever industry you work in, your purpose is to act as the intermediary between product development and increasing brand awareness. It’s a solid career path for a creative person who’s able to meet a deadline, but working on a campaign can means a lot of late nights—not always ideal when you have a family. However, the marketing industry is healthy, and a 2017 survey by McKinley Marketing Partners determined that 44 percent of those surveyed planned to hire more marketers, compared to 28 percent in 2016. Pick the right path, and you could have a profitable, long-term career in front of you.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers can work in a variety of fields, estimating demand for products or services that a company offers. In working with sales staff, public relations and product development employees, marketing managers develop pricing strategies, monitor trends, and create marketing campaigns for products or services.

Marketing managers typically have a bachelor’s degree, often in marketing, with courses in computer science, finances and business law. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, marketing managers earned a median annual salary of $131,180, as of May 2016.

Social Media Manager

Those who are tech-savvy might do well as a social media manager, the person in a company who is tasked with creating, maintaining and monitoring the results of social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media managers come up with online campaigns, often with other folks in the marketing department, implement them and then monitor analytics to see how the campaign performed. This position typically requires a bachelor’s degree in marketing, public relations or advertising, and those in the field earn an average of $47,000 per year.

Market Research Analyst

If you’re interested in data, consider a career in market research. These analysts deep-dive into market conditions to determine the potential sales for a product or service. They monitor and forecast sales trends, measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, conduct surveys and opinion polls, and convert data and findings into easy-to-understand charts and reports. Market research analysts most often have a bachelor’s degree in market research or a similar field, with coursework in business administration and statistics. Professionals in this career earned a median annual wage of $62,560 in May 2016.

Public Relations Specialists

Public relations specialists work to create and maintain an auspicious image for an organization. Sometimes, a PR specialist is on staff for a company, but they also often work for public relations agencies that manage a number of companies. PR specialists write press releases and respond to information requests from the media, arrange interviews for an organization’s spokespeople or executives, and draft speeches, among other duties. PR specialists typically need a bachelor’s degree in public relations, journalism or communications. Those in this profession earned a median annual wage of $58,020 in May 2016.

Brand Manager

Brand managers ensure that a company’s products and services resonate with the organization’s current customers, as well as with potential customers. They monitor marketing trends, watch out for competitive products, and often work with other marketing staff to develop and implement marketing initiatives. A potential brand manager should have a bachelor’s degree in a marketing or business-related field. A brand manager could make an average salary of $92,000, though it varies based on location and company size.