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Examples of Goals for Performance Reviews

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Periodic performance reviews benefit both employers and employees, as they help everyone get on the same page regarding employee performance, the priorities for the organization and department, and the goals for the employee in the coming months. Although specific performance goals vary based on individual employee job descriptions, they should all follow the SMART methodology, which suggests that they be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-framed, according to Career-Intelligence.com. Typically, performance review goals focus on employee training, productivity, and addressing company priorities.

Training Related

Every employee benefits from some type of job-related training during the course of her career. From time management to computer skills training, investing in education, skills improvement, personal growth should lead to an improvement in daily tasks and a positive performance review. Examples of this type of goal might be, "Attend two leadership-focused seminars this year," or "Earn accreditation in the field."

Productivity Related

Supervisors need an objective means of measuring employee productivity and offering incentive to sustain momentum. Performance goals can center around productivity in many ways. For example, an employee who works in manufacturing can have a goal that has to do with assembling a certain number of gadgets per day. A sales representative can have a goal that dictates how many sales calls are made per day or week. An example of a goal for a financial officer is: "Report a profit margin of no less than 10 percent for the current fiscal year." Again, goals must be specific and measurable; i.e., "Increase monthly sales by 3 percent," not "Increase sales."

Priority Related

According to NWLink.com, timelines help establish priorities for the tasks that have been set as performance goals. Missing deadlines can jeopardize the success of a project--and even the overall health of a business by adding cost to the budget and tarnishing relationships with clients. NWLink.com's example of this type of goal is: "The shipping rates will be obtained by May 9." Priority related goals on a more personal level might be related to training or certifications. For example, for those working in IT, a priority-related goal might be something like "Earn security certifications by end of second quarter to ensure compliance with vendor regulations."