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How to Write Flipping Houses on a Resume

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Positioning your experience flipping houses on a resume can be tricky. The key is to highlight the professional skills you gained during this business venture to fit the potential employer’s needs. If you position your real estate experience well, it can be a huge plus for the employer.

Highlight your professional success. When referencing your experience buying and selling properties, it’s important to highlight your success as an entrepreneur. Include specific examples of how you built your operations. For example, if you increased your revenue by 20 percent in six months, that would be important to mention.

Include leadership qualities. House flipping requires strong project management and leadership skills. For example, you are required to manage contractors and ensure that deadlines are met so you can turn a profit on the home. When writing your resume, highlight these qualities. Most employers are seeking candidates with proven leadership experience.

Focus on presentation skills such as those you gave to potential investors or buyers. This includes preparing the formal presentation as well as delivering the information in a compelling manner. When writing your resume, focus on these skills to give you a competitive edge.

Include sales abilities. Many individuals who flip homes also take on the sales responsibilities. If you are applying to a job that requires sales skills, include this experience. For example, you can mention a stellar record selling homes in four to six weeks.


Make sure to include all traditional resume sections. Although your resume will be different then a traditional document, you should still include sections such as the summary statement, experience, education and special honors. This will ensure the employer has all of the necessary information.


Don’t forget the cover letter. When writing a resume on flipping houses, it’s more important then ever to include a cover letter. This gives you an opportunity to explain to potential employers why you are seeking a change.


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