How to Answer Why Are You Better Than Other Candidates

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One of the most difficult job interview questions might just be, “What do you have that other candidates don’t?” If you’re too modest, the interviewer might think you’re not confident enough, and if you overdo it when you talk about your qualifications, you might appear to be bragging. Strike just the right balance if you want to get that job offer.

Mention Relevant Experience

Discuss your experience and how it relates to the position. If you interview for a travel agency job that will focus on booking large groups, mention your extensive experience handling the needs of groups. You might also mention how much money you earned for your previous company by booking group travel. Focus on the top three or four job responsibilities and discuss how you can use your previous experience to help the company succeed in these areas.

Discuss Special Skills and Certifications

Mention special qualifications that make you stand out from other candidates. If you recently learned how to use a type of software that’s so new that most other candidates haven’t even heard of it, mention that fact and explain that you’re passionate about finding the most innovative technology and procedures to help you perform your job. Discuss certifications or licenses required or helpful for the job. If you already have these certifications or licenses, you’ll be able to immediately make a difference if hired, as opposed to other candidates who might need time to obtain them.

Showcase Your Winning Personality

Employers don’t just evaluate your skills and experience; they also consider your personality and think about how you'd fit in with their existing team. The Ladders website notes that a positive attitude, confidence, enthusiasm and preparation are the keys to getting a job offer. Let the employer know that you enjoy working as part of a team and approach every project, no matter how difficult, with optimism. You might describe a particularly difficult project and explain that even though the situation seemed hopeless at one point, you never gave up and worked with your colleagues to find a solution.

Explain How You'll Help

The employer will probably interview several candidates with skills similar to yours. If you want to stand out, explain how hiring you will help him. If he mentions during the interview that preparing reports takes a significant amount of his time, let him know if you have experience with the same type of reports. Potential employers might consider you a valuable potential employee if you offer to take on tasks bosses hate. They’ll have more free time to handle other matters, and you’ll prove your worth almost immediately.