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How to Write a Bio for a Sales Manager

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Sales Managers bios are snapshots of a sales manager’s experience, accomplishments, knowledge and education. These bios might be featured in requests for proposals (RFPs), business contracts, websites, speaker programs, marketing materials and resumes. If the sales manager is not writing his own bio, often a writer in a marketing or procurement department creates the bio based on an interview or information provided to the writer by the sales manager.

Audience and Purpose

The writer of the bio should consider the audience and purpose of the sales manager’s bio. This can require multiple versions, if there are several audiences. For example, a website bio might be more concise than the version used in an RFP. The website audience may be the public while the RFP audience will be a specific industry professional who is looking for a deeper explanation of the sales manager’s experience and accomplishments in deciding to hire or place business with him.


The primary goal of the sales manager bio is to capture his current and past relevant work experience. Like a paper resume, the bio should highlight key sales positions, including employers' names and the number of years in each position. Specific industry knowledge should be included. The bio should persuade you to want to purchase from this manager, give him a grant, or why you might want to take a class from him or listen to him speak at an event.

Major Accomplishments

Every experienced sales manager with even moderate success has accomplishments in the sales role. Sales managers are adept at quantifying their achievements and these make necessary bio fodder. The bio may include the sales manager's past sales numbers, the sales totals of his team, and a list of major clients he’s landed. This bio should also include any relevant sales awards and accolades. For instance, the writer may say that the sales manager has amassed a certain dollar figure in sales for a particular company or time frame.

Education and Training

Unless the education of the sales manager is unimpressive or irrelevant, most bios will contain information about his education. The bio may just contain a statement or two that says where the sales manager went to school and what level of education he earned. The bio may contain specific certification or training relevant to the sales position or industry. Any information highlighting why the sales manager is a subject matter expert should be included in the bio.


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