What Do Progressive Agriculturalists Do?

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The term “progressive agriculturalist” was spawned from a contemporary agricultural movement known as “progressive agriculture,” a type of farming dedicated to inventing and teaching safe farming techniques. The main sponsor of this movement is the Progressive Agriculture Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to increase knowledge, awareness and prevention of farm-related injuries and deaths.

Definition of Progressive Agriculturalist

A progressive agriculturalist is usually a member of or associated with the Progressive Agriculture Foundation. The members are highly involved with charity work and strive to spread public consciousness of the dangers of farming and create more secure agricultural methods. Many volunteer for hands-on public programs that educate other farmers on the need for agricultural injury enlightenment and intervention.

Safety Mission

The incidence of farm-related injuries and deaths is staggeringly high. According to the Progressive Agriculture Foundation, every farm worker is acquainted with an individual who has been affected in some way by a farm-related accident or fatality. Thus, progressive farmers seek to actively reduce the dangers involved in agricultural practices by engaging in rigorous training programs that demonstrate careful, trustworthy farming routines.

Injury and Fatality Statistics

The efforts of progressive agriculturalists are based on research findings that confirm the high risk of danger associated with farming as well as the need to take action. In 2008, the National Safety Council designated agriculture as the most dangerous industry due to its rate of more than 28 deaths per 100,000 workers. Between 1995 and 2000, 695 total farm fatalities occurred per 100,000 youth, according to the National Children's Center. Although the rate non-fatal injuries has decreased in recent years, as of 2014 approximately 115 children die and 13,996 are injured on farms every year, according to the NCC.

Public Programs

Progressive Agriculture Safety Day is an interactive program sponsored by progressive agriculture volunteers of the Progressive Agriculture Foundation. Children of farm workers ages 8 to 13 are provided with the tools needed to protect themselves and family members from injury on the farm. Participants are broken into small groups in order to receive individual attention and are presented with fun, hands-on activities that inspire an interest in and dedication to safe and reliable farming.

History of the Movement

The magazine Progressive Farmer introduced the concept behind the progressive agriculturalist by outlining roughly 100 farm-related deaths. In each case, many of which involved children, the accident at hand could have been avoided merely by adhering to elementary safety measures. The magazine received so many responses from readers that they set aside a section in each issue to address farm injuries. Eventually, this led to a widespread movement devoted to teaching prudent farming techniques.