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What Characteristics Make Up a Democratic Leader?

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Democratic leadership is a style of leadership which involves taking all opinions into consideration, making a decision based on others’ input and sharing out the responsibility equally. A democratic leader will put great emphasis on allowing wide participation during times of decision making. Most democratic leaders share common characteristics, which makes the collaboration system of democracy function effectively.

Genuinely Seeks Others’ Opinions

A democratic leader will encourage and be genuine in seeking other people’s input in the group. He will actively promote the sharing of ideas, so that everyone with different levels of expertise and skills are able to put forward their views. Democratic leaders respect others’ opinions and take them into consideration as a final decision is made.

Effectively Delegates Tasks

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A democratic leader is able to collect all ideas put forward in open group discussion and effectively delegate tasks to the people who best fit the role. She should know the strengths and weaknesses of each person in the group and be able to entrust full responsibility accordingly. Her aim is to bring the best out of every group member in order for the most successful outcome.

Has Trusting Followers

A democratic leader will have trusting followers, or has the ability to gain followers, who respect and admire her. She is influential to these followers; they will trust and value her decisions, listen to what she has to say and often come to her for her opinion on a serious situation.

Offers Help and Guidance

Group members often come naturally to the democratic leader for help and guidance on an issue, and he will naturally offer it. The leader is often friendly, approachable and trustworthy. The aim of a democratic leader is to help others realize their own potential and use their skills effectively, and he will also actively encourage others to become leaders.


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