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Characteristics of a Natural-Born Leader

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A natural born leader is a person that displays the characteristics and personality traits of a leader and naturally falls into leadership roles throughout his life. Some children display these traits from a young age and go on to play leadership roles at school, assuming team leader roles and having the knack to direct others in a positive way. Social ability, self confidence, assertiveness and boldness are all characteristics of natural born leaders.

Social Ability

Social ability is having natural people skills. Natural leaders are usually extroverted outgoing people who are naturally very generous, understanding and congenial towards others. Social ability is a characteristic that the natural leader relies on. Natural leaders are always quick to make friendships or connect with strangers. They usually choose a career or job in a position of authority, motivating others and directing teams in successful projects.

Self Confidence

Self confidence is a characteristic often evident from a very early age and even in the kindergarten playground. Children, as leaders, can come across somewhat bossy but as they mature, with the right guidance they usually learn to channel this positively. Self confidence is the characteristic of all natural leaders that drives social ability and the courage to take on new and high risk challenges.


Assertiveness is another characteristic of natural leaders urging action where others wait for action to happen. Natural leaders consider assertiveness a necessity for success and achieve many things using this characteristic. Over-assertiveness can come across as authoritarian, but in moderation it is useful and encouraging to others. The assertive characteristic of a natural leader shows in his eagerness to take control in different situations and his enjoyment of this challenging role.


Boldness is a sense of adventure that enables leaders to explore new territories and push boundaries. In business, boldness is often what is needed to forge ahead and break new ground. Boldness is another characteristic of a natural leader along with assertiveness that helps him accept challenges and take risks without seeking the approval of others. Boldness is also a characteristic that requires maturity and practice to develop.

Leadership Characteristic

There is a fifth characteristic of natural a leader that is simply referred to as the leadership characteristic and it is basically the strong overpowering desire to control and it makes use of the other 4 characteristics of natural leaders. This leadership characteristic is quite evident in many successful, dominant leaders of countries, organizations and in the military where the life of the individual reflects leadership.