What Are 10 Essential Organizational Skills?

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There are 10 essential organizational skills that can be developed through a combination of self-awareness techniques and situational practices. Self-care methods promote self-awareness, and first-hand learning experiences provide situational practice.


Self-awareness may be achieved by taking care of one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, also known as self-care. The methods and quantity of self-care vary according to personal preference and include behaviors such as exercise, journaling, yoga and meditation, all of which make a person more aware of self.

Organizational Skills Developed Through Self-awareness

Self-motivation, self-discipline and positive attitude are three organizational skills that may be derived through persistent self-awareness techniques. Other developed skills include accountability, sense of urgency and ethics and integrity. All of these organizational skills are internally driven based on conscious choices.

Situational Practice

Situational practice provides the first-hand learning experiences in the context of situational events and promotes the development of analytical and problem-solving skills.

Organizational Skills Developed Through Situational Practice

Analytical and problem-solving skills that develop through practice include communication, prioritization, flexibility and teamwork.


Essential organizational skills are developed through two distinct yet synchronistic means: self-awareness and situational practice. Applying both of these methods will result in continual development and improvement of highly coveted organizational skills.


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