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What to Wear for a Special Events Coordinator Job Interview

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Special events coordinators can wear conservative interview attire and still be considered qualified candidates for the job, but consider the industry you're in before you settle on just a typical suit and tie or a skirt with a matching shell and cardigan. Regardless of whether your industry permits out-of-the-box ideas and appearances, don't go overboard. Importantly, ensure your interview attire fits properly and that you feel comfortable and confident in whatever you choose to wear.

Traditional Interview Attire

Many career coaches strongly recommend that job candidates "dress for success," which usually translates into "wear a suit," for any interview. Advice such as "dress for the job you want, not the job you have," suggests that traditional interview attire is a suit in a dark, neutral or muted tone. That said, traditional for men means a two-piece suit, white shirt, tie and wingtip shoes. For women, they can choose between a pantsuit or skirt suit, a blouse that's not too frilly or low-cut, neutral hosiery and mid-heel pumps.

What Is a Special Events Coordinator?

Jobs for special events coordinators exist in practically any industry. They can work in the health care industry, professional services and consulting, retail and the fashion and beauty industry. The title is self-explanatory -- they coordinate special events. A special events coordinator for a hospital might plan fundraisers or groundbreaking events for building a new wing. Those who work for certain retailers and companies in the fashion and beauty industry might plan fashion shows or welcome parties for designers, spokespersons or celebrities. What you wear to your interview to become a special events coordinator can depend on the industry.

Show Your Creativity

Special events coordinators generally have a combination of creativity and business acumen, along with talent for handling logistics. In the fashion industry, your creativity and personal style may be a big selling point. In an interview for a special events coordinator for New York's Fashion Week, you might need to look the part. Since personal style means a lot in this field, wear something that shows the interviewer you're fashion-conscious. For both women and men, a more modern, trendy suit that you wouldn't wear to a conservative law firm would be a good look. You could even break out of the suit trend with a stylish printed sweater and slacks.


No matter what industry you're in, keep your accessories to a minimum. That means leave the dangling, bling-bling earrings in your jewelry box, remove piercings and cover tattoos that might express controversial or inappropriate messages. You want the interviewer to focus on you and your skills, not wonder whether those earrings are so heavy that your ears hurt. Also, bring extra copies of your resume in a slim portfolio, as well as a notepad and pen. Don't fumble around with a purse or coat -- they can stay in the car. This way, you'll look like you're ready for business, instead of clumsily finding a place to lay your coat or handbag.


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