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Instructions on Programming a Scrolling LED

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Scrolling LED panels are a great way to advertise a variety of products, as they provide a high-energy, low-cost visual display of pertinent information about a particular subject. They're relatively inexpensive, low-maintenance product to run on a daily basis. Understanding how to program an LED panel display is not overly difficult. There are no special tools or education required, and most screens are simply “plug and play” in regard to ad campaign information.

Power Up

Turn the screen on to begin the editing and programming process. Mount the screen in the location where you're going to run your advertisements. Remove the screen from the mounting bracket and place it face up on a soft surface. Plug the screen into a power supply and turn the unit on. Press the “Edit” button to enter the text editing menu; begin scrolling through the memory locations to find a message to edit or a space to enter a new message.

Edit Speed and Message

Edit the speed at which the message is displayed and then edit the message itself. Once you've entered the editing menu and have picked a message to edit or a location in which to save a new message, scroll through the speed selections and choose an appropriate speed. Don't make the message so slow that the reader won't finish reading it by the time he passes, but also make sure not to make it too fast for him to read. Choose the reading speed and then begin editing the message. Select each letter by scrolling through the alphabet with the arrow keys until the letter you want appears.


Set the LED up to run once the message has been completed. Finish the message and scroll through the message menu; click “Save." You may now edit another message location, or you can set your screen up to run the message. Turn the unit off and then back on; use the arrow buttons to scroll to the message that you're interested in running. Once you select the message, press "Start" and then mount the unit into the mounting brackets and make sure the power supply is thoroughly secured.