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Teacher Insight Interview Tips

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If you are applying for a teaching position, you may be asked to complete an online assessment called TeacherInsight. This screening tool, produced by the Gallup organization, is used by many school districts to help identify promising candidates before the personal interview stage.

Advice From Gallup

Gallup offers a few general strategies on their website. Most are commonsense guidelines for doing well on the TeacherInsight assessment. They include getting a good night's rest before the interview, making sure your computer and Internet connection work well, and trying not to overthink your answers. Gallup stresses that you should give your honest, first impression responses to the questions.

General Themes

According to sources at the Illinois State University Career Center, the TeacherInsight assessment measures a candidate's responses in regard to 12 broad themes.

1) Sense of mission 2) Focus on educational objectives 3) Capacity for empathy 4) Desire for healthy rapport 5) Concern for the individual needs within the classroom 6) Ability to listen 7) Sense of investment in student achievement 8) Desire to keep learning 9) Ability to stimulate students to learn 10) Desire to innovate within the classroom 11) Drive for perfection without undermining the individual student's needs 12) Ability to respond objectively to situations

It may be a good idea to keep these in mind as you answer your questions, especially if a good answer is not immediately clear to you.


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