Big Money-Making Ideas

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Making big money depends quite a bit on what one considers to be big money. For some people, making $5,000 a month would be considered big money, while others would not get out of bed for less than $100,000. Big money ideas are all around, but there is the problem of finding an idea that is suitable to the individual. Sometimes it takes a special talent to make big money, and other times it takes being willing to do something that you never thought about before.

Unique Talents

Possessing a unique talent can be a pathway to big money. The thing to look for is not a talent that is taken for granted but one that is truly unique. Take the competitive eater, for example, also known as the gustatory athlete. Those who can down hotdogs or pizza or sausages or even corned beef and cabbage at a professional level can make in excess of $10,000 per event if they win and much more if they reach the highest levels. And the unique ability to stay still for long periods of time can result in as much as $50 an hour as an artist's model.

Dangerous Jobs

One of the ways to make big money is by taking on dangerous jobs. Reality shows on several cable networks have revealed the danger that these jobs entail as well as the payoff. From commercial fishing in Alaska to oil drilling in the North Atlantic to stunt doubles, there are jobs out there that can bring in a year's salary for just a few days, weeks or months work. Of course, there is the tradeoff. The big money that comes with a job like conducting a tornado chase tour brings with it the kind of danger that doesn't usually exist when you work at the mall.

Working Abroad

A need exists for workers trained in America to work overseas, and the salary can be at a premium not found by doing the same job in the states. Travel nurses can make significantly more money by working out of the country. Jobs also exist for teachers inside overseas U.S. military bases that tend to pay more than continental school districts. Bigger money can be made by doing more dangerous work or taking jobs in more volatile locations like the Middle East or underdeveloped regions like Africa.


Taking your clothes off has always been a quick route to making big money. Both men and women can supplement their income by making more in a weekend as an exotic dancer than they made in a week at a regular job entry-level job during the week. Clearly, taking off your clothes in front of strangers is not a job built for every type of person, but for those who have the body and the necessary lack of information, taking off your clothes is definitely a way to make big money.