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Types of Bubble Wrap

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Bubble Wrap was invented in the late 1950s by two men named Alfred W. Fielding and Marc Chavannes. Today, Bubble Wrap is a name-brand product that is used to pack various items such as glass or family heirlooms that need to be protected while in transit. Bubble Wrap can be bought online or at several local major retailers, including office supply stores, local grocery stores and even your local post office.

Strong Grade Bubble Wrap

The strong grade Bubble Wrap is used for items that are heavy, extremely valuable or fragile as well as for products that need plenty of security to hold them in place during transit.

Multi-Purpose Grade Bubble Wrap

Items that are light or medium in weight will require multi-purpose grade Bubble Wrap that is ideal for everyday shipping of products that are less likely to break.

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Limited Grade Bubble Wrap

Limited grade Bubble Wrap is meant for items that are not considered to be fragile and are fairly lightweight. This type of Bubble Wrap comes in a 3/16-inch thickness and a 1/2-inch thickness.

Bubble Mask

Bubble Mask is a type of Bubble Wrap that has adhesive coating on one side. This allows the Bubble Mask to stick to larger items such as toolboxes or stool legs, to protect them from damage during relocation.

Anti-static Bubble Wrap

Anti-static Bubble Wrap is used to protect electronic items such as cell phones, DVD players or computers from static that may be caused while the item is in transit.

Cushionshield Aluminum Bubble Laminate

Cushionshield Aluminum Bubble Laminate is used for items that need to be protected from ESD, or electrostatic discharge. This would include items such as computer parts or hardware, such as a memory board.

FDA Grade Bubble Wrap

This type of Bubble Wrap is specifically formulated to be food-safe and protect foods such as chocolates or fresh strawberries. The FDA grade Bubble Wrap is also heat sealable and moisture resistant.

TempShield Reflective Air Cellular Insulation

TempShield Bubble Wrap uses a layer of cellular insulation that is laminated with a reflective aluminum film. The aluminum film creates a thermal layer that protects against radiant heat, conductive heat and convection heat. It is also FDA approved and can be used for the transfer of edible products.

3rd Web Bubble Laminates

3rd Web Bubble Laminates have a base layer of cushioning, followed by a layer of cellular bubbles, followed by an outer layer of cushioning. This allows the 3rd Web Bubble Laminates to be extremely protective against tearing or punctures, making it ideal for use on furniture or other large-scale items.

Additional Types of Bubble Wrap

There are also different types of Bubble Wrap packages such as the Bubble Wrap Ready-to-Roll Dispenser and Bubble Wrap Bags.

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