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What Types of Jobs Provide Discount on Travel?

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If you have a desire to travel but don't have the means to do so on your own, there are a number of careers that include travel discounts as part of the benefits package. There are also jobs that involve a large amount of travel on the company dime for which an employee who is willing to be on the move is the most desirable candidate.

Travel Agents

Travel agents have access to the best that the world of travel has to offer. As a result, they are able to find and book the best deals for themselves whenever they wish. They know the tricks and can save a significant amount of money during any trip if left to their own devices. Travel agents are also privy to special rates and discounts extended by nearly every member of the travel community, since it is always best to take care of the agents who send the customers. Besides agent rates and perks, travel agents are provided "Fam" (familiarization) trips by suppliers and those who sell the most tend to be treated to even more and better travel benefits both by their own companies and those they work with.

Hospitality Workers

Hospitality jobs often come with discounted room stay benefits and other perks. Hospitality careers can range from front desk management to reservations agents with each typically receiving some form of travel discount. Discounts are again offered within the brand and among any existing industry partners. The larger the hotel or resort chain you work for, the greater the options for travel. For example, if you work for a small independent hotelier or a chain with only a few properties in several states, you will likely be limited to those options when traveling. If on the other hand you work for a global conglomerate of hotels your options are far greater and the likelihood that you will also benefit from transportation partner discounts is also more probable.


Working for airlines is one way to get great travel discounts with your own carrier and with any industry partners that may exist. There are a wide variety of careers available with major carriers from ticket agent positions to in-flight crew. All positions enjoy the benefits of free or low cost air travel and a host of discounts with hotel, rental car and other associated brands. In many cases the benefits you receive are also extended to family members and select friends, if you wish. Of course, these travel discounts vary from one company to the next so check out your benefits package before signing up.

Corporate Travel Brands

Working for large travel sellers can provide you with access to discounts across the entire travel spectrum. Most brands have preferred partners who are only too happy to supply low cost rooms, flights and tours to those workers who help to sell product and expand the face of the company. Depending on your position with the brand, you may be offered special opportunities in the form of "Fam" trips which are offered free of charge in hopes of educating employees about certain destinations and travel products offered through the company. These benefits are all in addition to the travel you will likely have to undergo as part of the job.


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