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Top 5 Jobs With High Chance of Divorce

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Okay no one gets married thinking that eventually they will get divorced. We all want a happily ever after, and that starts with marrying the right person. While a person’s career should never be a determining factor for marriage, there are some occupations that carry a greater risk for divorce than others. So if you’re considering running off to Las Vegas to elope with that bartender, who just has to be Mr. Right, perhaps you need to think twice.


This one may seem obvious but it includes all dancers, not just those who perform in gentleman’s clubs. The life of a dancer involves long hours spent outside of the home usually in the evening hours. Even ballet dancers have nightly performances. During the time they are not performing they are working on keeping their bodies in top condition. This doesn’t leave too many hours left to work on a marriage, which may account for the 43% divorce rate. Not only that, but dancing sometimes puts you in close proximity to someone other than your spouse -- which can create some tension in the marriage.


It is fun to go to the local bar where everyone knows your name, but you may want to think twice before bringing home the bartender. With a divorce rate of 38%, the individuals in this occupation are not exactly happily-ever-after material. While a bartender may be just the shoulder you need when you have lost your job and want to knock back a few, the long hours and late nights can wreck havoc on a marriage. Plus, this job comes with a number of temptations from tipsy patrons.

Massage Therapists

Apparently marrying a massage therapist doesn’t always result in a happy ending. Massage therapists have a divorce rate of 38%, which is relatively high for a profession that helps others overcome stress. Perhaps helping others all day doesn’t leave much patience for loved ones at home, or it could be that the daily temptation of being with individuals in various stages of undress takes a toll on a marriage. Either way it may be best to limit yourself to appointments only and skip the dating.

Gaming Cage Workers

Maybe it’s the late hours or the excitement of working in a casino that contribute to a divorce rate of 34% for workers in this occupation. Although this occupation is relatively low stress, employees are surrounded by a plethora of temptations; alcohol, gambling and other people. The hours are pretty hard on a marriage as well, considering that most casinos are open twenty four hours a day. This can sometimes mean late work-nights and sleeping during the day, which doesn’t leave time for bonding.

Extruding Machine Operator

In case you were wondering whose responsible for those large spools of wire that are often seen on roadsides, it’s due to the hard work of an extruding machine operator. You would think that all of that time spent dealing with machinery and manipulating wire would make a person thankful for a warm comforting home life, but not so much for these construction site workers. The divorce rate for this occupation hovers at 32.74 percent. Concerns about the economy and money account for many divorces, and it could be the volatility of work assignments.