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Tips on Call Center Interview Answers

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When preparing for a call center interview, it is important to practice and rehearse your responses to anticipated interview questions. A few of the questions the interview may ask can apply to any job. However, many of them are tailored specifically towards the call center and customer service industry. While you can't be certain of the exact questions the interviewer will ask, there are guidelines that will help you answer questions in a way that gets you the job.

Don't Exaggerate Stats

If you have previous call center experience, the interviewer will very likely ask about your call metric stats. These stats include your average quality assurance, call handling time, first call resolution and attendance percentages. She may ask how many calls you averaged each day. It can be very tempting to exaggerate your stats in an attempt to make a good impression on the interviewer. However, it is important to tell the truth. Keep in mind the interviewer may call your previous employer to inquire about your job performance. It's better to be honest about less than perfect stats than to get caught lying.

Give Good Scenarios

Call center jobs are considered customer service. As such, the interviewer will ask questions regarding your customer service experience and your attitude towards customers. If you have previous call center experience, she will likely ask you to provide scenarios from your experience. For instance, she may ask you to give an example of a time you had to deal with an irate customer or when you went out of your way to help a customer. Each scenario you give should result in the customer being satisfied. If you can't think of a scenario that happened in real life, offer hypothetical answers.

Be Flexible

Most call centers have a variety of different shifts. When you are coming in as new employee, you may not get to work the shift of your choice. The interviewer will ask about your flexibility. She wants to know if you have any commitments that would prevent you from working the shift you are assigned. She may ask if there are certain days you are unable to work. When answering questions about flexibility, keep your scheduling conflicts to a minimum. The fewer scheduling conflicts you have, the greater your chances of getting hired.

Sound Upbeat

Call center representatives are like company ambassadors. You must represent the company well with each customer you speak to. It's important to connect with customers in a friendly manner and engage them in conversation. As such, the interviewer is not just paying attention to the answers you give; she is also paying attention to how you answer those questions. Sound upbeat during the interview, instead of dry and monotone. If the interview is done over the telephone, put a smile in your voice as you speak to the interviewer. To put a smile in your voice, put a smile on your face.