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The Salary of a Dermatology Registered Nurse

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Registered nurses specialized in dermatology typically care for patients who suffer from skin diseases. They garner an annual income of $85,000 on average, based on 2010 salary estimates from Indeed.com. This profession pays well, about $15,000 above the salary of generalist nurses. Education, geographical location and the work setting may even align higher compensations. To sweeten job offers, employers further supplement annual incomes with financial bonuses to attract or retain dermatology nurses.


The Board of Nursing established within each state grants a license to nurses who graduated from either an accredited program offering a two-year associate degree in nursing, ADN, or from a university preparing students for a four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing, BSN. Dermatology nurses typically obtain a BSN and gain further education through a Master’s degree program to meet state requirements for practicing in Dermatology, according to Education-Portal.com. This added education elevates first-year compensations by $3,000, according to Indeed.com.


Some registered nurses pursue a dermatology nurse certification (DNC) from the American Board of Dermatology after they have gained at least two years of dermatology experience, according to Education-Portal.com. This typically leads to the career path of a nurse educator in dermatology or management positions in dermatology centers. These positions garner incomes above $100,000, according to Indeed.com.


Medical centers in New York State hire dermatology registered nurses with offers of annual wages averaging $104,000, according to 2010 data from Indeed.com. In New York City, this number increases to $110,000. California also ranks among the best states for nurses seeking high incomes. Dermatology registered nurses average $99,000 incomes in the Golden State. San Francisco dermatology nursing jobs have a mean salary of $105,000.


The work setting also influences what dermatology nurses earn annually. Nursing professionals in dermatology working in oncology departments earn $108,000 annually on average, according to 2010 estimates from Indeed.com. Private clinics that run plastic surgery services hire dermatology nurses to manage customer intake, surgeries and post-surgery treatment for compensations averaging $105,000. Government dermatology nursing positions with the Veteran Affairs offer wages ranging between $78,690 and 134,202. Nursing homes pay their dermatology nurses an average of $82,000.


Some employers attract applicants to their dermatology nurse openings by announcing additional perks such as a sign-on bonus. For current employees who are dermatology nurses, a retention bonus may complete the annual income. Bonuses for dermatology nurses range between $517 and $7,861 according to a snapshot analysis from PayScale.com.



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