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The Salary for a Deputy Inspector in the New York Police Department

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As you climb the ranks of the New York Police Department, your salary and benefits also rise. The position of deputy inspector is a high-ranking executive position held by a small number of officers in the police department. The deputy inspector has a higher salary and retirement benefit than most other police positions along with the typical benefits of all officers.

Deputy Inspector

The position of deputy inspector, one level above captain, is a high-ranking supervisory position in charge on managing several precincts. To become a deputy inspector, you must have passed the three civil service exams for sergeant, lieutenant and captain. The police commissioner directly promotes captains to deputy inspectors based on their performance and supervisory capabilities.


The total salary of a deputy inspector depends on years of service. According to the website See Through NY, the average deputy has a base salary of roughly $137,000. With holiday pay and uniform allowance, a deputy inspector can earn an additional $30,000 a year on top of the base salary, for a total of $167,000. New deputy inspectors should expect to earn less than this average, while senior deputy inspectors may earn more. By comparison, the average police officer earns about $90,000 a year after five years of service.


The deputy inspector keeps the same benefits as the other police officers in New York. As a senior officer, the deputy inspector has 27 vacation days a year. The deputy inspector also receives unlimited sick leave with full pay, a benefit provided to all officers. The NYPD provides a number of other benefits including a 401k retirement plan, medical insurance, dental coverage. As a senior officer, the police inspector is eligible for a scholarship to study for a master's degree.


The NYPD provides officers with a generous retirement benefit, a pension based on an officer's salary and years of service. After 22 years of service, an officer is entitled to a annual payout of half his salary. For a deputy inspector earning $160,000 a year, this provides an annual retirement benefit of $80,000. Assuming a retirement of 30 years, the pension pays out $2.4 million in retirement compensation. A deputy inspector also receives full medical benefits during retirement from the police department.


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