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The Responsibilities of a Fashion Event Planner

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Fashion event coordinators are responsible for planning and organizing events such as fashion shows, fashion week parties, store openings, product launches, trade shows and sample sales. An event coordinator may work alone to organize small events, or may direct a team for large events. The exact responsibilities of a fashion event coordinator change from one type of event to another. Such coordinators must be knowledgeable about fashion and marketing and be very well-organized.

Creating a Design

A fashion event coordinator must create a coherent look that fits in with the style of the fashion brand the event is promoting. For example, when creating a fashion show party for a designer, the coordinator may need to use the same styling, colors and design elements as were used in the designer's show. For all events, the coordinator must create an atmosphere and ambiance that suits her customer. The coordinator must determine the impression her client wants to make and then decide which furnishings, entertainment and decorations will help make that impression.

Finding a Venue

Fashion event coordinators are generally responsible for finding and preparing a venue for the events they plan. This can include searching out and negotiating prices for renting public or private spaces, such as museums or parks. The coordinator is also responsible for ensuring the venue has appropriate facilities, such as changing rooms in the case of a fashion show. Once a venue is found, the coordinator must organize the layout. For example, she must decide where to place the bar or the DJ, where to place runways and which type of seating to use. The coordinator may also need to rent additional facilities, such as marquees. The coordinator works with suppliers to ensure that everything needed is to specifications and on time.

Hiring Staff and Equipment

The fashion event coordinator hires staff for the event. This can include event staff such as caterers, bartenders, lighting designers, security guards and servers. It can also include hiring talent such as presenters, models, musicians, makeup artists, photographers and hair stylists. The coordinator works with the caterer to design a menu for the event and rents decorations that match the style of the event. For example, the spring 2012 Thom Browne women's wear show during New York fashion week was held in the New York Public Library and included a mermaid, a lifeguard and a model in a feather dress standing in a huge cage.

During the Event

A fashion event coordinator's job does not end with the start of the event. During the event, the coordinator ensures everything is going according to schedule. The coordinator may be responsible for making sure all of the staff have arrived and that they know what they are supposed to do. The coordinator may seat guests and handle any problems that crop up during the event. The coordinator may also be responsible for marketing and publicity for the event. For example, she may have press releases written and sent out to news agencies and may arrange for interviews of models and designers. For store openings, a coordinator may place advertisements or help design brochures and other marketing materials.


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