The Reasons to Say Why You Are Looking for a New Job

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Job candidates fall into one of two categories: currently employed or currently unemployed. In the mind of the interviewer, neither situation is a detriment to your chances of getting the job. But it will help you to understand the reasons that you would give when you are looking for a new job while you are already employed.

I Need a Bigger Challenge

When you discuss your current situation with an interviewer, include examples of the elements you feel are missing in your job. For example, if you have a technical job that uses only a portion of your technical background, you are justified in feeling as though you need more of a challenge. Focus your answer on the challenges you are looking for in your job duties and also mention your intentions on expanding your background to take on future challenges.

I Would Like to Advance into Management

A small business can often present challenges to an aggressive employee that can be resolved only by having the employee move on to a larger company. If you feel you have reached the highest possible point on the corporate ladder in your current organization, that is a legitimate reason to seek a new ladder. Help the interviewer understand your statement by providing specific reasons why you have reached a ceiling in your current position. For example, if your current manager is many years from retirement and the company has no intentions on creating new opportunities for advancement, cite that as a reason for interviewing for a new job.

I Want to Use My Background in My Career

Workers often take entry-level positions with a company to gain experience in their industry and have a job to put on their resume. But if the job duties you are performing do not match your background, you may find yourself looking for a new job. For example, if your educational background is in preparing technical manuals but your current job has you writing press releases, you may feel that it is time to move into a situation that better utilizes your talents.

My Current Employer is Relocating or Shutting Down

When it comes to a job interview, give the interviewer honest answers to all questions. You may feel that an interviewer will look at the closing of the company as the fault of the your performance. Companies close and relocate on a regular basis, however, and a potential employer will understand that your current employer's business decisions have nothing to do with your performance.