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The Best Jobs for a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Referred to as a BBA or BSBA, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree program consists of general and advanced business courses. The core and specialized content carries similar themes such as finance, management and marketing. Once your BSBA is earned, jobs which are both varied and high-paying become available for application.

Operations Manager

The starting salary for an operations manager is approximately $47, 000 a year. This position is further specified by the type of operations manager you become such as in the field of loans, hotels and real estate. With a bachelor's in business administration, an operations manager's duties include operational risk management, project management and inventory management. More specifically, as an operations manager of any sort, you are responsible for materials, services and occurring risks at any work site.

Senior Accountant

Similar to operations managers, senior accountants also begin making around $47,000 once a BSBA is earned. The position varies in type; jobs as senior accountants are available in a host of venues. Private equity and hedge fund services hire senior accountants to fund transactions and coordinate accounting records with minimal supervision. Universities also hire senior accountants to coordinate campus financial training programs.

Project Manager

With a starting salary of about $52,000, project managers are employable in a many different fields that include construction, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. As a construction project manager, for instance, a graduate who obtained a BSBA develops the scope of work which includes preparing budgets and soliciting bids. The elements of this profession include logistics, quality control, manufacturing and marketing. Project managers must also establish the scope of the project including its critical path and budget.

Financial Analyst

One of the highest paying jobs feasible with a BSBA is a senior financial analyst, which begins at about $66,000. One of the primary responsibilities of a senior financial analyst is staying abreast of the market, so this is a reading-intensive position that requires the reading of financial newspapers and magazines. Banks and financial advising firms both offer positions of senior financial analyst. Growth in this field requires attending social events and conferences.