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The Average Vascular Surgeon's Salary

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A vascular surgeon specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and post-operative management of patients who have contracted diseases of the blood vessels around the heart and the brain. The operations they undertake consist of a variety of reconstructive and restorative surgeries to combat afflictions such as blood clots, thrombosis and clogged arteries. The level of remuneration reflects their extensive training and specialized skills.

Salary lists the median yearly salary for a vascular surgeon practicing in America to be $331,560. Actual pay achievements will be dependent upon the surgeon's experience and who her employer is. Published research can also give the vascular surgeon leverage for increased remuneration. She may also be liable for bonuses, depending on her employer and contract.


The majority of vascular surgeons find employment in large hospitals, medical centers and health organizations. They may also set up in private practice, either singly or as a group. Vascular surgeons can enhance their earnings by undertaking teaching in tertiary education institutions. They may also consider contributing to publications in the field.


To achieve the position of vascular surgeon and thus the best remuneration levels, a candidate must undergo extensive education and training. Typically this will mean four years as an undergraduate in a science subject, then four years at medical school, up to five years in general practice and then two to four years experience in vascular surgery, assisting with procedures and undertaking specialized training.


The decade between 2008 and 2018 is expected to see a significant rise in demand for surgeons in all areas of medical expertise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that a large number of surgeons will retire during that time and there will be demand to fill the vacancies that arise. If a vascular surgeon is willing to relocate to a rural or low-income area (which have difficulty attracting candidates) they should be able to secure an even better pay and benefits package.