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The Average Salary of QVC Hosts

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Founded in 1986, QVC has emerged as one of the most popular television networks and shopping channels in America. In 2017, it reached 374 million TV households worldwide and 101 million households in the United States. A year earlier, the corporation generated $8.7 billion in annual revenue and sold 183 million products. Working as a QVC host can be an exciting career path and open up a world of opportunities. You'll have a chance to reach millions of customers, make a name for yourself and build connections in the entertainment industry.


The average salary of a QVC host is around $47,026, and the average salary of a QVC on-air host is around $74,690.

Job Description

Whether you're just starting your career or looking for new opportunities, you might consider joining QVC. The company employs hundreds of hosts worldwide, featuring them on its website, on TV, in magazines and more. This means you'll get a lot of exposure and increase your chances of building a successful career.

Popular QVC hosts like Amy Stran, Dan Hughes, Courtney Cason, Elise Ivy and Mary Nelson persuade millions of customers to purchase all sorts of things, from jewelry to electronics to kitchen appliances. They are talented, interesting and confident. Their communication and public speaking skills are top notch.

Some hosts worked as news reporters or journalists before joining the network. At QVC, their job is to promote a variety of goods, putting them in the best possible light. In general, they specialize in one area or another, whether it's jewelry, fashion or computers.

As a host, you need to stay on top of the latest trends in your area of expertise and introduce the company's products to the public. Knowing your audience and its needs is paramount. Be prepared to constantly learn on the job, hone your presentation skills and try the products yourself.

QVC hosts need to be able to describe how things look, taste and feel. They must also be ready to answer any questions customers may have. In fact, people can email hosts and request more information on the products in which they're interested. This means you have to constantly keep in touch with your audience and focus on building lasting relationships.

Education Requirements

The popular TV shopping channel doesn't have specific education requirements for new hosts. Those who want to follow this career path can apply for a job on the company's website or join the network as interns if this role is available. Talented interns may be eligible for new-host training, which lasts six months.

Aspiring hosts must be energetic, creative and approachable. They also need good communication skills. Additionally, they need to know the trends in their area of expertise and have an excellent command of the English language. QVC prefers hosts who can turn sales pitches into stories and are genuinely interested in the products they're selling.


QVC hosts often have a professional background in areas related to the products they promote, such as fashion, health or cooking. However, some of them got this job when they were fresh out of college. Others become hosts later in life.

Shawn Killinger, for example, worked as a reporter, TV anchor and newscaster before joining the QVC network in 2007. Sandra Bennet has been passionate about TV journalism since childhood. After graduation, she became a TV reporter and anchor. Later, Bennet started to work as a freelance writer. She started to work as a QVC host after attending an audition.

Sometimes, it's enough to be truly passionate about one thing or another in order to join QVC. Courtney Cason, for instance, loves everything related to beauty and fashion. Her shows typically feature products in these areas. Cason, however, doesn't have an occupational background in journalism, marketing or fashion.

Years of Experience and Salary

Currently, there is no official data regarding the exact salary of a QVC host. Experienced hosts usually earn more than newcomers. Lisa Robertson, for example, had been working for QVC for two decades. She left the network a few years ago. Some sources say that her annual salary was around $450,000. Others claim that it was only $100,000 a year.

The average salary of a QVC host is around $47,026. Top earners make over $56,633 a year. Salaries depend largely on the host's experience, location and ability to sell. QVC on-air hosts earn almost double. Their annual income is around $74,690, with top earners making more than $125,667 a year. Many hosts bring in extra revenue from other activities, such as book writing, public speaking and blogging.

Job Growth Trend

In 2016, the company had more than 120 on-air hosts and 17,000 team members worldwide. Its revenue and sales are growing from one year to the next. Despite the rising popularity of Amazon and other online shopping platforms, QVC continues to thrive, and it's not going to stop anytime soon. About half of its sales already happen online. Earlier this year, it became the third-largest online retailer in North America.

We can expect to see a growing demand for QVC hosts. The company is constantly expanding and offering new products. If you join this network, you can build a fulfilling career and increase your chances of landing other high-paying jobs in the future.


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