The Average Salary of Cyber Security

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Computers and other networked information systems are the backbone of the American economy, with even small firms relying heavily on the digital world to help manage their operations and sort vital data. Because these networks are so essential to commerce, many companies employ cyber security specialists, also known by other titles such as Internet security officers and network security administrators. These workers’ jobs are to secure private networks, defending them from hostile attacks by hackers as well as maintaining computing practices that ensure data is kept confidential and secure.

Average Web Security Administrator Salaries

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The median annual salary for a Web security administrator as of November 2010 is $80,553, according to Half of all Web security experts earn a yearly salary between $74,497 and $100,000, with the 10 percent who earn the highest wages boasting salaries that exceed $117,705.


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Some Web security administrators earn a bonus as part of their compensation package. Those who qualify for a bonus may earn significantly more than their base pay. According to PayScale, Inc., the average bonus payment for network security specialists is between $1,021 and $8,000 as of November 2010. reports that bonuses push the higher-earning end of the median income for cyber security specialists to $117,823 annually.

Benefits Packages

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Most workers employed as Web security administrators receive medical and other benefits as part of their compensation plan. According to PayScale, only 10 percent of network security officers don’t receive any form of health benefits, and 87 percent are included in a corporate health plan. Many are also entitled to dental benefits – 81 percent – and vision benefits are frequently awarded as well, with 65 percent receiving them.

Education Requirements

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To work as a web security administrator, specialized education is usually required. Whether it’s through a general information technology degree or one that concentrates on security administration in the information technology field, many workers earned associate and bachelor’s degrees before entering the job market. A qualified program will familiarize its students with LANs, WANs, and network security protocols for voice and data networks.