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The Average Salary of an ASPCA Worker

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Animal lovers who want to make a difference for sick, homeless, abandoned and abused animals can sometimes earn a living caring for otherwise helpless and doomed animals. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals exists to put an end to homelessness and abuse of stray and neglected pets. Whether you are a veterinarian, a business executive or just an animal enthusiast who wants to help, ASPCA might have a paying position for you to get involved.

Broad Statistics

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics does not provide specific information related to ASPCA careers. However, the bureau does provide salary information for related positions in its 2010-11 Occupational Outlook Handbook under "Animal Care and Service Workers." According to that document, in May of 2008 animal care and service providers earned a median average salary of $19,360 annually. The lowest earners made less than $15,140, and the highest in excess of $31,590. The middle 50 percent of position holders earned wages that ranged from $16,720 to $24,300 a year.

Shelter Workers

Though BLS does not, other online resources publish frequently updated statistics regarding the salaries of non-veterinary personnel employed by ASPCA. According to the Indeed career and salary information website, the typical annual salary for ASPCA workers in non-veterinary positions was about $30,000 in 2011. About the same time, Simply Hired published slightly higher earnings for the same position, indicating that the national average for the same position was closer to $36,000 per year. Both estimates are reasonably comparable to higher-wage BLS statistics for animal care and service workers.


Doctors of veterinary medicine who are employed by ASPCA can earn almost double the salary of general animal service workers. At the time of publication, Simply Hired estimates that the national average salary for ASPCA veterinarians is close to $53,000 per year. The Indeed website reported significantly higher statistics, suggesting that the annual salary for such positions might extend as high as $78,000 annually.

Executive Salaries

ASPCA authoritative and executive positions produce the highest incomes of all staff members. In 2011, the Salary Dom employment and salary website published wage information related to three executive positions within the organization. According to the site, both the vice president of animal behavior medicine and the vice president of the animal behavior center in New York earn salaries close to $93,150 per year. ASPCA's vice president of behavioral sciences in Illinois earns $100,751 annually.



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