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The Average Salary of an Air Hostess

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An icon of air travel, air hosts and hostesses not only keep passengers and comfortable and happy, but also ensure the flight runs smoothly from start to finish. Many flight attendants may cite the opportunity to travel the world as their most rewarding form of compensation, but financial compensation is also an important consideration of the job.

National Averages

As of November 2010, PayScale collected pay information of almost 600 air hosts and hostesses. Based on this data, salaries range from $35,140 to $70,156 or $19.26 to $39.64 an hour.


PayScale's survey shows significant growth in average salary as flight attendants gain experience in their job. With just one to four years of experience, top average salaries stop at around $35,000. After five to nine years, however, this number balloons to $51,418. At 10 to 19 years, the trend continues and top salaries reach $59,911.


According to PayScale, American Airlines is the best company for flight attendants to work as far as compensation is concerned. Average salaries range from $34,392 to $66,281. Southwest Airlines also scores well with top salaries around $61,000. Continental Airlines rounds out PayScale's top three with flight attendant salaries reaching $60,000 at their high end.


Medical benefits are common among air host and hostess job positions. PayScale reports that 88 percent of flight attendants receive medical coverage from their employer. Furthermore, 81 percent receive dental care and 59 percent receive vision coverage.