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The Average Salary of a Professional Mascot

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Sports fans who have outgoing personalities, are physically fit and don't mind wearing a hot, heavy costume might be ideal candidates for careers as professional mascots. Mascots are found at all types of sporting events, dressed in a variety of costumes, amusing and entertaining spectators. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics does not offer any information regarding mascot salaries, but numerous online magazines and career resources do.

Lower Salaries

In an interview published by ESPN, "Washington Times" sports writer Patrick Hruby interviewed several sports mascots, who offered information about their salaries. Paul Pierson -- a mascot for the Atlanta Braves and Harlem Globetrotters -- said the Braves paid him $65 per game. Detroit Tigers Mascot Erin Blank reports that he earned $45 per game as a minor league mascot. The lowest paid mascot quoted in the interview was former D.C. United mascot Peter Lund, who only took home $40 per game.

National Average Salary

The Simply Hired career and employment website offers limited information regarding mascot salaries nationwide. As of June 2011, Simply Hired estimated that the average annual salary for mascots across the country was around $23,000. However, this figure might vary considerably according to industry, team, location and company.

Starting Salary

Kelly Frank -- mascot for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays -- reported similar statistics to Simply Hired's estimates in a 2006 interview with the "St. Petersburg Times." According to Frank, the starting salary for MLB mascot positions was around $28,000. The article, "A Career in Cheer," went on to say that mascots in the NBA receive higher pay. According to Darcy Raymond of the Raymond Entertainment Group -- which supplies mascots to the Orlando Magic -- the starting salary for NBA mascots is between $40,000 and $45,000 annually; or $100 to $200 per game.

Six Figure Salaries

Though the opportunities are few and far between, and no exact information is available online, many resources report that experienced, professional mascots for major league sports teams can earn a six-figure salary. Dave Raymond -- owner of Raymond Entertainment and former mascot of 16 years for the Philadelphia Phillies -- told CNN Money that, "Only the most exceptional entertainers, working for far-sighted teams, earn six figures." Such mascots earn their salaries by promoting the team brand, generating sponsorship, making public appearances and attending community events.


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