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Mascot Job Description

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Working to generate spirit for schools and teams, mascots must be outgoing, social individuals. They appear at games and participate in local events to encourage game attendance. They work to engage fans and create loyal followers. They must be physically fit to make an effective mascot. Mascots can draw on their experiences for more mainstream jobs, such as sales.


Major sports leagues often require their mascots have previous mascot experience in college. Those with cheerleading experience will also be considered.


Team mascots must be outgoing individuals who work well with others, including children and fans of all ages. They must be in good physical condition to both wear heavy costumes and stand or walk for extended periods of time. Mascots must be able to read individuals’ social cues to understand the level of interaction each fan may want. Ideal applicants for the position of mascot should be motivated in generating school or team spirit.


Mascots must develop the character of the mascot for the team. They must perform at every home game and at press appearances and charity events. They must work in conjunction with the team’s public relations, sales, community relations and game operations departments. Mascots must participate in the filming of commercials and other promotional videos.

They may also distribute promotional items, like T-shirts and calendars, at special events. Mascots may be required to maintain the integrity of their costumes, including cleaning and repair.


College mascots often volunteer for the position as mascot. Some full-time professional mascots are eligible for medical benefits and retirement packages.

Job Outlook

College mascots have the experience to succeed as professional sports mascots. Former mascots who do not wish to continue in the profession have gained experience necessary to succeed in sales and public relations positions. Employers look favorably upon those with mascot experience.

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