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The Average Salary of a General Manager of an Auto Dealership

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General managers function as the head of a company's specific branch, overseeing all of the operations of that location. At car dealerships, general managers not only have the ability to approve specific deals, but also makes sure the cars are maintained, the facility is stocked and clean as well as ensuring the car sales representatives meet their sales quotas.

General Manager Salary

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General managers who worked at a car dealership in 2010 represented 1.1 percent of general managers working that year. The average salary of a general manager of an auto dealership was $132,460 per year or $63.68 per hour. The median or 50th percentile wage was $53.65 per hour according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This suggests some general managers made significantly more than the typical salary, which weighted the mean higher than was is normal.

General Manager Comparison

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Comparatively, general managers of car dealerships made more than the national average salary for general managers of all kinds at $113,100 per year or $54.38 per hour. This placed car dealership general managers in the third quartile or 50th to 75th percentile range of national salaries in 2010 according to the BLS.

Industry Comparisons

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General managers at auto dealerships made close to the average salary of their peers in the management of companies and enterprises industry of $137,450 per year. General managers working for building equipment contractors and office administrative services made less at a mean of $114,000 and $121,010 respectively. The highest paying industry was called "other financial investment activities" by the BLS, in which general managers earned an average $176,800 per year.

Location Matters

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Location made a difference in general manager salaries as well. In Georgia, general managers of all kinds earned a mean $102,240 per year and $111,110 per year in Texas. In California the average income was $128,440 annually, but it was New Jersey where general managers made the highest average at $162,420 per year. While these numbers are indicative of all general managers as the BLS does not list state-specific industry averages, the local economy and cost of living will be reflected in local salaries for general managers of auto dealerships.


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