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The Average Salary for a Skydiving Instructor

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Interested in flying through the air, falling toward the ground at high speed, while also being responsible for the life of someone else? Do you want to get paid for this, too? Skydiving instructors get to do as many jumps as there are clients and take home a paycheck, even though it may be modest.

Average Salary

Skydiving instructors are paid by the jump, so the more clients they have, the more money they can make. The average salary is largely dependent on the reputation of the skydiving company and the location, which can help determine how many people are interested in trying skydiving. Instructors can expect to make about $25 per jump, according to "Skydiving Magazine," which can work out to earning anywhere between $18,000 and $30,000 per year.

Job Requirements

Skydiving instructors do not need a high school or college diploma, but they do need to be rated by a private agency, such as the U.S. Parachute Association, according to "Skydiving Magazine." Prior experience skydiving is obviously needed to be an instructor. Being personable and able to relate to people can also help, as it will make the clients more comfortable.


Skydiving instructors are responsible for ensuring the safety of their clients before, during and after the jump. The instructor will prepare the client for the day's events, then will perform a tandem jump, during which the instructor will be attached to the client. The instructor ensures the parachute is packed properly and opens it at the proper time. Once on the ground, the instructor makes sure the client is uninjured and takes off the parachute.


Skydiving instructors can advance in their careers by either starting a skydiving business and becoming the owner or by becoming a trainer for a bigger company. The instructor could also train future skydiving instructors and could become a consultant who travels to different skydiving companies.


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