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The Average Income of a Boeing Employee

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company, with exports to over 90 countries. It is based in Washington State, but it employs over 150,000 in the U.S. and 70 other countries. About 123,000 employees hold college degrees earned from 2,700 colleges and universities. Job specialties cover nearly every business and technical field.


The type of job ultimately determines the salary earned according to a report by PayScale. As of January 2011, senior systems engineers make the most at a median salary of $114,018 annually, followed by aviation program managers at $101,736. Aerospace engineers earn $78,881 as a median, and industrial engineers get $65,957. Examples of compensation as hourly median salaries include $19.40 for aircraft mechanics, $21.15 for service technicians and $15.06 for assemblers.


The greater the experience, the higher is the salary. For example, new employees make a median $57,534 yearly, but those with one to four years of work get $60,485. At five to nine years, they make $74,487, and at 10 to 19 years, they get $82,856. Finally, with 20 or more years under their belts, employees are paid salaries with a median of $99,746.


Because certifications prove that the holders meet industry-accepted standards of competence, they can enhance salaries. The highest paying of these is the Microsoft Certified Professional, which shows expertise with Microsoft computer projects. Employees with that certification show a median salary of $100,686 per year. For the company’s many engineers, a Certified Professional Engineer credential means the ability to offer services directly to the public as licensed by the state. This knowledge pays a median of $96,365. A project management certificate shows the ability to coordinate budgets, staff and materials to complete complex tasks. It garners $93,013 as a median annual salary.


The location of employment can affect salary. The highest paid Boeing jobs are found in California, with compensation at a median $93,204 per year. In Washington State, the headquarters of Boeing, employees earn a median of $93,204 and in Pennsylvania, they make $69,058. As for cities, Los Angeles, California, has the highest paid employees at $103,780 median annual salary, followed by those in Huntington Beach, California, at $100,170. Those working in Seattle, Washington, the company’s home city, make $76,660 as a median.