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Teamwork Activities for Two People

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Some work projects require large teams; others demand only the attention of two workers. Small job-related teamwork activities often center around one person performing a task and the other reviewing or supervising that responsibility. The two workers often switch roles. Other activities require the combination of expertise in two completely separate fields. Two-person work tasks are often reliable and efficient as long as both parties hold up their end of the workload.

Draft and Edit

Effective two-person workplace activities often involve drafting content and editing it. One person might play the role of writer, while the other plays editor. Initially, there is slightly more pressure on the drafter to come up with original content and outline ideas, but once the work gets started, the editor can quickly jump in and start reviewing and editing the material. The two can also discuss where they want to go with the assignment as it progresses. Drafting-editing activities also work for electronic projects, such as presentations, website creations and online publications.

Create and Perfect

Similar to drafting and editing, two-person creating and perfecting activities often help with jobs that require artistic, mechanical or technical skills. One person might draw a graphic design and the other might incorporate color, visual effects or words into the image. This teamwork activity is especially important in advertising, marketing and publishing industries. Similarly, one worker might work on basic mechanical functions or technical inputs while the other hones the process. Mechanics, industrial workers, interior designers and contractors often work in teams to create and perfect projects and assignments.

Introduce and Close

Sales jobs often require two-person teams to explain and finalize deals. One person is the informer who describes products or services, details options or benefits and presents general background information. The closer uses her persuasive words to get consumers to respond and commit. This tag-team approach often reduces the likelihood that either worker will be viewed by clients or customers as aggressive or overly assertive. Two-person sales teams can also take turns being the informer and closer so each learns how to create and follow through with sales pitches.

Perform and Secure

Some jobs require employees to count cash drawers, maintain vault balances, secure the premises or address security issues. One worker executes the task while the other recounts, verifies or secures the area for the other. These two-person work activities require trust and honesty. Bank tellers, retail sales clerks, inventory workers and law enforcement agents often work with a coworker or partner to ensure their personal safety as well as provide accountability for goods and services.


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