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Team-Building in Fire & Rescue

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Working daily to save lives and rescue people and animals is what fire service is all about. Team-building and bonding skills are essential as fire squad members must work cohesively under pressure and duress.

Team Building Essentials

Communication is key as team members are required to complete tasks that all link directly together. If a fireman is expected to be responsible for getting air to a structure to aid his team members to reduce smoke, they must communicate effectively.

Types of Building Activities

Fire and rescue team-building activities do not always have to be related to daily work activities. At times, it is just as important to train teams to work together as comrades and buddies to build rapport as it is to work together on a project. Teams can participate in leisure and recreational activities such as sports competitions, cook-offs or simply take outings and excursions together.

Final Goal

The essential end result of team-building practices for fire and rescue teams is communicate effectively and establish everyone’s strengths and weaknesses both as a team and individually. This is important for team leaders so they know what needs to be adjusted before going on future calls.


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