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Summary of the Qualifications for a Maintenance Supervisor

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As a maintenance supervisor, you are primarily responsible for maintaining, repairing and servicing all equipment, buildings and facilities that you are responsible for. Maintenance can include a range of activities, from repairing an HVAC unit to repainting a building, so no two days will be the same. Part of your job will include supervising and training members of your maintenance staff, making sure that they know how to complete all projects. To become a maintenance supervisor, you'll need to meet several eligibility requirements.

General Experience

How much related work experience you have counts more than other factors when a prospective employer reviews your qualifications. You need to have a general understanding of typical building and equipment maintenance procedures. You may also need to demonstrate an understanding of and experience with specific procedures. Morehead State College, for example, expects its maintenance supervisors to know how to diagnose and repair HVAC systems. You’ll also likely be responsible for other aspects of facilities management, such as custodial services.

Management Experience

You need to have previous management experience to succeed as a maintenance supervisor. As a maintenance supervisor, you’ll likely oversee a staff. Most companies let their maintenance supervisors interview and select staff or at least be involved in the hiring process. You may need to train and provide feedback to members of your staff as well as complete performance reviews. Some employers, like Stanley Black and Decker, require their maintenance supervisors to handle their departmental budget, while others, such as the Eugene Burger Management Corporation, require them to oversee scheduling and assign tasks as needed.


How much education you’ll need depends on where you work. Having a high school diploma or GED will likely qualify you for most maintenance supervisory positions, but most employers weigh education along with your experience when reviewing your application. For example, Morehead State University will consider you if you have a high school diploma, as long as you also have at least 10 years of related experience. You only need two years of related experience if you have a bachelor’s degree in industrial technology and a thorough understanding of HVAC and other mechanical equipment. Spectrum Brands similarly weighs education and experience, requiring its maintenance supervisors have the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience.


You should be able to work well with others and on your own. Being able to communicate well in writing and verbally will help you succeed as will being able to identify and resolve problems. You should have impeccable organization skills and be able to prioritize your tasks as well as what you need your staff to do. Some employers require their maintenance supervisors to have strong computer skills, such as in Microsoft Word and Outlook. You should also have a thorough understanding of building maintenance, including repairs, refurbishing, cleaning and administration.

Other Qualifications

You may need to meet employer-specific eligibility requirements. Morehead State University, for example, prefers its maintenance supervisors to have previous experience working at a university or college. Kraft Foods requires that maintenance supervisors understand SAP CMMS systems, while Spectrum Brands expects its maintenance supervisors to know how to write reports. Having a driver’s license and a clean driving record also may be required.