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Skydiver Photographer's Salary

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Skydiving photographers combine adrenaline-laced action with art. These thrill-seeking photographers are experienced skydivers and can pull double duty as a jump instructor as well. They capture moments of nail-biting-fear from first-time jumpers to artistic ballets created by groups of seasoned skydivers. Extensive training and experience is required for skydiving photographers. Salaries for these specialized photographers are often a secondary reason to the pure exhilaration of freefall.

Job Description

Skydiving photography is not for the faint of heart. As the name implies, skydiving photographers conduct most of their photo shoots at high altitudes, between 3,000 to over 13,000 feet in the sky. Many times, the photography revolves around novice or rookie skydivers who want to remember the adrenaline-rush experience of skydiving. Skydiving photography requires concentration under extreme pressure and constant altitude awareness.

Low Salary Range Factors

The salary range for skydiving photographers can vary somewhat. Among the primary influencing factors are experience, location and demand. A lower end salary for a skydiving photographer for a small skydiving company away from major cities can be as low as $40 per jump, according to Skydiving photographers may jump 12 to 15 times per day depending on the season and weather conditions.

High Salary Range Factors

The pay at the higher end of the salary range for skydiving photographers can be slightly better. The increasing factors consist of demand, artistic content and location. For example, a seasoned skydiving photographer taking pictures of skydiving competitions or artistic freefall displays can earn over $50 per approved photo, according to “Skydiving Magazine.” Skydiving photographers generally have hundreds of jumps on the books before pursuing more artful aerial photography.

Job and Salary Forecast

The market outlook for skydiving photographers is expected to grow. Employment for skydiving photographers is highly dependent on the season and demand, according to “Skydiving Magazine.” Skydiving photographers can enhance the demand for their services by logging thousands of jumps and building a notable aerial photography portfolio. As the popularity of extreme sports like skydiving grows, the demand for skydiving photographers will continue to increase.


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