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Salary of a University of Phoenix Online Instructor

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Online academia is a burgeoning business driven in part by people's desire for college degrees despite limited spaces in traditional universities. Additionally, online schools allow returning and working students to earn degrees without disrupting their lives and careers. University of Phoenix is a major national online education provider, employing faculty with both practical experience and higher level degrees.

Several Factors

The University of Phoenix pays varying amounts throughout the country. Other factors that affect faculty salaries, according to their faculty handbook, are your degree, your years of experience at U of P, the number of people in your class, and the level of the class.

Undergraduate Five-Week Courses

As of 2012, the starting pay for teaching a five-week undergraduate course $1,015. Faculty who have been with the school for three years earn $1,125. Faculty with a Ph.D earn a minimum of $1,165, and after three years, $1,275.

Graduate Six-Week Courses

Beginning faculty for six-week graduate programs earn $1,300. With three years of experience, the pay rises to $ 1,441. Instructors holding doctoral degrees start out at $1,600 and, after three years, earn $1741 per course.


The University of Phoenix does offer benefits such as a 401k, a stock purchase plan, and an education tuition reimbursement plan.


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