Salary of a U. S. Army Lieutenant Colonel

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Army lieutenant colonels rank as officers and receive officer pay under officer pay grade five, also referred to as an O-5 pay grade. All lieutenant colonels receive a fixed amount based on the number of years in service. A lieutenant colonel also receives additional allowances for housing, food and service in high-risk overseas locations. Base pay and allowances increase periodically to reflect cost-of-living adjustments.

Starting Base Pay

Salaries increase based on the number of years a service member serves as a lieutenant colonel. Lieutenant colonels with less than two years in rank earn a base pay of $4,893 per month, as of 2011. Base pay increases to $5,965 with four years and $6,203.70 with six years in service. An Army lieutenant colonel earns $6,346.20 with eight years in service, $6,659.40 with 10 years in service. Lieutenant colonels with 20 years in service earn $8,070.30 per month.

Housing and Food Allowance

A lieutenant colonel receives a housing allowance based on assigned duty station and dependents. For example, a lieutenant colonel with no dependents in Fort Rucker, Alabama, receives a housing allowance of $1,419 per month and $1,809 with dependents. Lieutenant colonels stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska, receive a $2,346 housing allowance with dependents and $2,106 without dependents, as of September 2011. Basic allowances for housing are subject to change each year based on cost of living adjustments. In addition to a housing allowance, all officers receive a basic allowance for subsistence in the amount of $223.84 per month, as of September 2011.

Hardship Duty Pay

Lieutenant colonels stationed in high-risk areas qualify for hardship duty and imminent danger pay, in addition to base pay, housing and subsistence allowances. For example, a lieutenant colonel stationed in Afghanistan earns $100 in hardship duty pay and $225 per month in imminent danger pay based on 2011 salary rates.

Sea Pay

Lieutenant colonels serving sea duty are eligible for sea pay. The amount varies based on the years of sea duty. In 2011, lieutenant colonels serving sea duty for three to six years receive $225 per month. Pay increases to $230 at seven years, $245 with eight years and $250 at nine years. Pay remains at $265 for lieutenant colonels with 11,12 and 13 years of sea duty and increases to $285 at 14 years of duty. A lieutenant colonel earns $300, $315 and $340 for 16, 18 and 20 years of sea duty, respectively.

Medical and Dental Pay

Medical and dental officers who receive an O-5 pay grade may receive annual multi-year special pay. To receive the multi-year pay, medical officers must be qualified in their specialty, have eight years or more of creditable service, meet their active-duty obligation for education and agree to serve two, three or four additional years on active duty. Pay varies by specialty and years of commitment. For example, a lieutenant colonel specializing in anesthesiology receives an additional $25,000 per year for two years, $40,000 for three years and $60,000 for four years in 2011. Lieutenant colonels specializing in internal medicine receive $13,000 per year for two years, $23,000 for three years and $35,000 for four years.