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Salary of a Professor at Juilliard

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Juilliard is a prestigious music and arts college in New York City. Admission is highly competitive, and the school only accepts 8 percent of applicants, according to the State University website. The student-to-faculty ratio is four to one, so students often interact in small groups or one on one with instructors. Instructor salaries at Juilliard vary by experience and class load, among other factors.

Average Salary

According to State University, the average salary for a full-time professor at Juilliard is $71,500. The American School Search website indicates a similar average salary of $72,000 per year. This salary is actually 13 percent lower than average salaries for New York faculty members, which might be surprising to some as Juilliard is such a highly regarded school.

Male Versus Female Salary

According to State University, male professors at Juilliard earn more on average than female professors. The average salary for a male professor at Juilliard is $75,032, while the average salary for female professors is $65,750.


Professors at Juilliard also receive benefits in addition to their salaries. Benefits for full-time professors include health insurance and paid time off for sick leave or vacation. Professors also have access to the school's equipment and facilities.

Professor Demographics

There are a total of 113 full-time professors at Juilliard, according to State University. The school employs an additional 158 part-time faculty members. Most professors are male: 70 of the full-time professors are male, compared to 43 female full-time professors.


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