Salary for High School Basketball Coaches

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High School basketball coaches have salaries that vary based on many factors. Some coaches just train students while others put on camps and tournaments. Whether or not the coach also eaches is also a factor when determining salary. Most coaches make their money from a variety of sources that include teaching, sports camps, tournaments and private lessons. Typically, the wage of a basketball coach isn’t high, but when combined with these extra sources of income, it can provide a decent living. Coaching can also be done as a part-time job for extra income.

Full Time Salaries

Public and private schools that have a lot of students and prestigious basketball programs can offer full-time positions for basketball coaches. These positions are usually harder to get as they require a bachelor’s degree or experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salaries of these coaches are around $23,000 with some of the highest earning over $40,000 a year. The lowest paid positions can offer as little as $14,000 a year or even less. These figures vary greatly from one location to another. They also vary based on the responsibilities associated with the position.

Average Salaries

Most coaches are not full-time employees of the school and are paid a flat fee per season. According to the Raleigh News and Observer, the average high school basketball coach in their Wake County school system makes $2000 per season as a varsity basketball coach, with junior varsity coaches making approximately $850 per season. These figures will vary depending upon the school district, but the average pay is drastically less than that of a full-time coach.


Many high school coaches could be considered teachers who volunteer as a coach for a small stipend. In many states it is actually a requirement that the coach be a teacher. Because of this, basketball coaches must meet the school district's requirements for becoming a teacher as a bare minimum. In Twin Falls, Idaho, basketball coaches are required to have a bachelor's degree and a teaching certificate.

Working Hours

High School basketball coaches work schedule can vary drastically depending upon the school district and the success of the basketball program. There can be times when coaches have to work during school breaks and holidays in order to prepare and play in local tournaments or playoff games. Because of this, basketball coaches can have irregular schedules that vary with each basketball season.