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Ryobi 3302 Specifications

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The Ryobi 3302 is a two-color offset printing press. It is available in three models: the 3302M, the 3302H and 3302HA. The models differ slightly. The 3302M is a single-lever model that uses molleton dampening, in which the rollers are covered in cloth to absorb excess liquid. The 3302H uses Ryobi’s Super Dampener instead, which is a motorized continuous dampener. The 3302HA uses the same dampening system as the 3302H, but also features auto plate loaders.

Paper Size and Printable Area

The Ryobi 3302M, 3302H and 3302HA print on paper a maximum size of 13.39 inches by 17.72 inches. The Ryobi 3302M will print on paper with a minimum size of 3.54 inches by 5.12 inches. The Ryobi 3302H and 3302HA can accept smaller paper, down to a minimum size of 3.54 inches by 3.94 inches. The paper used in all three models can vary in thickness between 0.0016 inches and 0.012 inches. All models of the Ryobi 3302 have a maximum printing area of 12.99 inches by 17.24 inches.


The Ryobi 3302 prints between 3,000 and 10,000 sheets per hour (SPH). The SPH is affected by local conditions, the ink and stock used, the quality required by the print job, and types of printing plates used. All models of the Ryobi 3302 use a two-color printing process. This means that only two colored inks are used, although they can be blended to achieve a wide variety of shades. The Ryobi 3302 can be for four-color printing, also known as full color printing, but each sheet must be passed through the machine twice. This doubles the time requirements for any job.

Plate Size and Dimensions

The printing plates on the Ryobi 3302M are 13.86 inches by 19.09 inches. The Ryobi 3302H and 3302HA have printing plates measuring 13.19 inches by 19.09 inches. This can vary by plus or minus 0.04 inches in the case of the 3302HA, depending on whether the plates used are metal or polyester. The Ryobi 3302M is 7 feet 3 inches in length, 3 feet 2 inches wide and 5 feet 2 inches in height. The 3302H and 3302HA measure 7 feet 8 inches in length, 2 feet 10 inches in width, and 5 feet 2 inches in height.

Optional Accessories

A number of optional accessories are available to increase the functionality of the Ryobi 3302. One optional accessory is the Ryobi PCS-F printing control system. This system enables remote control of the ink fountain keys and offers operators the ability to download print data to disk. Other options include software to control ink volume settings, a blanket cleaning device, an electronic double sheet detector, a pile board for multiple paper sizes, a tape inserter, a non-resettable print counter that tracks the total number of sheets printed, an intermediate tank, and a lever control ink fountain.


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