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Roles of a Banker

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment prospects for financial managers, including bankers, will grow at a rate of 9 percent between 2010 and 2020. America’s status as a global financial center and the economic growth of other countries will lead to employment growth for these professionals. To become a banker, you need a bachelor’s degree in economics, accounting, business administration or finance. You also will need analytical, math, organizational and communication skills. It is a full-time job, and bankers have various roles.

Client Assistance

A key role of a banker is to assist customers in need of financial services. You will meet with the customer and determine what assistance he needs. Assisting the client, for instance, might involve arranging a student loan for him. Reviewing the customer’s financial history is important in determining your bank’s ability to meet his financial needs.

Records Maintenance

Your role as a banker also involves maintaining accurate and complete records of your institution’s financial transactions on a daily basis. It entails recording every payment to and from the accounts and balancing bank records at the end of the day. Documents such as bank statements and loan applications require proper filing and updating. Keeping the records in the proper manner helps you to retrieve them quickly when you need the documents in the future.

Account Management

Working as a banker comes with the responsibility of assisting clients to manage their accounts. Management of these accounts, furthermore, entails helping a customer to open or close his account if he so wishes. Reviewing clients’ financial histories and informing them of any account packages is another important function in assisting them to manage their accounts. As per your bank’s contractual duty, you do not disclose a client’s financial position to anyone without his permission. One exception is if you must give evidence in court if the client is accused of treason, or in cases of national emergency.

Product Services

Your job as a banker involves the implementation of new services, processes and products as per the directions you get from top management. Clients need you to inform them of these new products or services when they come into existence. Your financial institution, on the other hand, expects you to sell these products to the clients. You also will work with new customers to sell these products. Understanding the features of your bank's products or services helps you to sell successfully.

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