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The Role of HRD Managers

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Human Resource Development managers are professionals who set up activities in their organizations to improve employees’ performance. Aspiring HRD managers require a combination of education and a background in human resource policies such as employees’ benefits plans. The prerequisites for the job is a bachelor’s degree in human resource or business administration, as well as strong interpersonal skills.


HRD managers work closely with departmental heads to evaluate the overall condition of organizational efficiency. They design, develop and implement program evaluations. Administering benefit programs for well-performing employees also falls under their docket. The aim is to assess the training and development needs of employees for the purpose of organizational growth. After analyzing the relevant data, they proceed to organize programs for career development and organizational activities that improve their employees’ performance and output delivery.

Management of the Learning System

The primary role of HRD managers is to foster learning among personnel in the organization. They communicate the results they obtain from their assessments to organizational decision makers for corrective actions. In addition, HRD managers must understand the significance of career development to determine when it's appropriate to incorporate into the learning system.

Operations Development

In order to facilitate the development of their organizational operations, HRD managers must identify external threats and opportunities. They do this by identifying prevailing trends that impact human resource development. Such trends include technological advancements in instructional strategies and organizational delivery systems.


HRD managers act as marketing specialists for their organization. They often become actively involved in management functions such as attending meetings and making progress presentations. In addition, they may write articles on the significance of observing human resource development for organizational growth and development. The aim is to build and maintain favorable and supportive internal and external relations for the general welfare of their organizations.


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