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Requirements to Be a Security Guard in Las Vegas

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Security guards in Las Vegas, Nevada, are responsible for protecting property and preventing vandalism and other crime. Guards may be armed or unarmed and may physically patrol the area or monitor the property using video surveillance. Guards in Las Vegas may work in casinos, hotels or other local businesses and must be licensed and maintain a current work card.

Basic Requirements

Security guards in Las Vegas must be registered and obtain a work card from the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board. The work card must be renewed every five years. Applicants must be at least 21 years old and legally able to work in the United States. Applicants must submit an application, verify that they are current on child support, if applicable, and a submit passport photo and fingerprint cards for the background check.


Applicants must have five years and a total of 10,000 hours of experience as a security guard. College education in criminal justice or police science may be used to meet experience requirements. An associate degree is considered the equivalent of 1,333 hours and a bachelor's degree is considered the equivalent of 3,000 hours of experience.

In addition, every five years, security guards must take and pass a multiple-choice exam. This exam may be taken online or through an employer. The exam tests knowledge of laws that apply to security guards and recognition of the guard's responsibilities, authority and liability.


To carry a firearm on the job, applicants must obtain an Armed Security Guard Card or "white card." Once the guard has obtained a security guard card, he may take and pass a firearms course approved by the Private Investigators Licensing Board. The security guard must maintain the white card by qualifying with his duty weapon every six months and taking a refresher course every five years.

Criminal History

Conviction of a felony, any crime involving a dangerous weapon, or any crime which calls into question the applicants moral character will disqualify the applicant from obtaining a security guard card. In addition, any crimes involving controlled substances within the previous five years will result in disqualification. Work card applicants undergo a FBI and Nevada Highway Patrol background investigation to ensure the applicant is eligible to work as a security guard in Nevada. In addition, if the applicant has visited or lived in California, a background check will also be done by the California Department of Justice.


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