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Qualities That Make a Good Office Manager

If you prefer a management position that allows you to stay in touch with all elements of a company, consider a job as an office manager. When working as an office manager your duties may have less of an impact on the company’s productivity compared to specialized employees, but what you do is just as important to the successful operation of the business. A good office manager is a sign of a well-run office environment.


An office manager is an employee who specifically oversees the management of the office in general. This person may not focus on tasks directly related to how the company makes its money, but he works behind the scenes to keep the office running like a well-oiled machine. Common office management duties include ordering supplies, negotiating with vendors, handling petty cash and dealing with office conflicts. In some smaller firms, the office manager pays workers, suppliers and hires people. His overall goal is to make sure that employees and other managers have what they need to complete their own duties successfully.


As an office manager, organizational skills are key. For instance, the office manager has to organize and manage certain files on an ongoing basis for other managers and employees to reference. She must also organize and tackle issues facing the office in order of urgency. If an office manager is responsible for hiring new employees, she must gather and organize information about applicants — the same is true for handling accounting duties if that is part of herjob description.

Understanding and Communication

A good office manager must also have a level of understanding in order to succeed in this position. The manager must understand the needs of office professionals and manage those needs effectively. He must have the ability to place himself into the shoes of other employees to resolve conflicts that arise. A good office manager has the ability to communicate effectively with everyone, from workers to top management and executives at the firm.

Cost Management

Another important quality of an office manager is the ability to either maintain or lower costs for the business. When working as an office manager, this individual must closely monitor expenditures, such as office supplies and overhead costs (rent, utilities, equipment maintenance and other operating needs). While keeping a close eye on costs, she must also ensure that employees have access to resources that meet the company’s quality and operational standards.


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