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What to Put When a Application Asks Why Are You Seeking Employment?

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You never know what you will be asked on a job application, so it's good to be prepared for many different types of questions. You could face various inquiries about anything from past job duties to what your references might say about you. To secure a job, it's important to treat an application as critically as you would the actual interview. When asked the reason you are seeking employment, you can approach it from the angle of why you're seeking employment in general or specifically with the company where you're applying.

Answer the question about why you are seeking employment in general or for a specific organization with the explanation that you are looking for that specific position. The job you're seeking could be one that you've been attempting to find your career field or one that is specifically in the company where you want to work. A way to answer this question would be, "I am seeking employment so I can work in the position of academic adviser at a reputable institution like ABC College."

Describe a valid reason that signifies you are seeking a job to make a living. One reason is financial independence and to support a family. If the question asks why you are seeking employment specifically with that company, you can phrase your answer in a way that explains you require an income to support yourself and you know that this company is an exceptional place to work.

Explain to your future employer that you are seeking employment so you can advance in your career. This answer shows motivation and that you're unsatisfied with standing still in your career. For example, you can say, "I am seeking employment to further fulfill my desire to help low-income families have adequate housing."

Demonstrate a greater purpose in applying for employment. Focus on the fact that you're looking for this job to give you the opportunity to pursue bigger goals in life. For example, describe how you hope to help populations like children or the disabled through the job. You could also say that you intend to make enough income from the job to donate more money to a specific cause.


Use every opportunity when answering interview questions to speak highly of the company where you are applying.


Don't speak negatively of the company you are leaving.