Physician Credentialing Software

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Physician credentialing software enables you to collect and manage physician data such as medical licenses and medical insurance policies. Physician credentialing is a process that a physician must undergo to be a healthcare provider with a health maintenance organization, HMO, or managed care organization, MCO, network. A healthcare professional from an MCO reviews and validates the physician’s professional license and education.

Midas+ Seeker

MIDAS+ Seeker keeps track of managed care and graduate medical education information. It can also attach digital files, such as scanned documents, to the physician’s file. The software also comes with a reporting tool called Standard Reports. Standard Reports allows you to export data to other format files such as HTML, Microsoft Word and Excel. Midas+ Seeker lets you verify reinstatement reports by comparing your database to the Office of the Inspector General’s, OIG, system. The software also comes with more than 100 Microsoft Word documents so you can quickly create letters.


IntelliCred includes a Medical Staff and Provider Management module. This enables you to manage physician data such as his contact information or Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA, certifications. It also keeps track of scanned physician credential documents and verification forms. IntelliCred works with verification systems like the National Practitioners Data Bank, NPDB, and Office of the Inspector General, OIG. Intellicred sends queries to the these applications. These applications will send the results to IntelliCred, which then saves them in the database. The software comes with User Painter and Role Painter features. User Painter enables you to set up users to use the software while Role Painter lets you assign them access rights.

Electronic Physician Record, EPR, Credentialing Software

Electronic Physician Record, EPR, Credentialing Software has a feature called Form Bank. This includes more than 100 laser quality application forms from state and national associations. Form Bank lets you select a physician and a form. This feature automatically inserts information on the form, which saves you time from typing. EPR also lets you attach licenses, certificates and photos to the physician’s file.


VisualCACTUS works with small community hospitals and large MCOs such as preferred plan organizations, PPO, and health maintenance organizations, HMO, physician groups and insurance companies. VisualCACTUS is a Software as a service, Saas, application. Saas enables the software vendor to deliver its software to the customer through the Web. Customers benefit from this software because they don’t have to buy and install additional software or hardware. Instead, the software vendor performs all of the maintenance work such as installing upgrades or patches. Customers only have to pay monthly fees in order to use the software.


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